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Summit County's Pricing Strategy Advisor Susie CortrightSummit County Realtor Susie Cortright has earned the nationally recognized Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) Certification from the National Association of Realtors.

This certification is designed to help Realtors provide exceptional service to both buyers and sellers, and to guide clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often have about home values.

As a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, Susie draws on enhanced tools, education and expertise to help her clients with what can be one of the most difficult pieces of the real estate process – properly determining the accurate value for a home. This is crucial to helping buyers not overpay and helping sellers get the most return in the least amount of time.

The PSA certification focuses on using the rich variety of technology and data available to Realtors today as well as a commitment to approaching the pricing assignment from a variety of perspectives. In essence, PSA certification provides the knowledge and skills to select appropriate comparables and make accurate adjustments to guide sellers and buyers through the details of comparative market analyses and the underlying pricing principles that inform them, and to interact effectively with appraisers.

How a PSA Works with Buyers

There’s a lot to consider when buying a home. When you understand how the price of your potential home is determined, it’s easier to make the smartest and best investment.

When you work with a certified PSA agent, you’ll get valuable perspective in the buying process, especially when it comes time to make an offer. You’ll get a customized and detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help take the guesswork out of pricing for any home that you are seriously considering.

Learn more about how Susie works with buyers.

How a PSA Works with Sellers

When you’re selling a property, you want to get the most from your investment. Determining the accurate price for your home is a detailed process that your PSA-certified Realtor can guide you through, in part, by strategically building a thorough Comparative Market Analysis. You’ll gain the confidence that you house is presented and sold at the most accurate price, which will help you get the most for your home, while minimizing time and hassle.

Learn more about how Susie works with Sellers.

If you own a property in Summit County, know that you can always request the latest Market Report for your complex or subdivision. This report will feature properties currently for sale, properties under contract and sold properties, along with year-to-date and historic sales and trends. These are nice to look at, even if you are not planning to sell anytime soon, and Susie is happy to provide them anytime.

Learn more about the Market and the Pricing Process

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