The Summit County Real Estate Handbook (Buyer’s Edition)

Now available for immediate download, this 14,500-word comprehensive PDF guidebook is newly updated and delivers essential knowledge of real estate in Breckenridge and Summit County, Colorado, written exclusively for buyers.

Download the guide.

You’ll learn:
Summit County Real Estate Buyer's Handbook

  • What is currently happening with Summit County’s Average Sold Price – and what it means to you as a buyer.
  • How to use the latest market data and statistics to find the best deals.
  • How to get highly targeted figures for subsets of our unique resort market, including historic data and trends.
  • How to be the first to know about the best new real estate deals in the Breckenridge and Summit County markets.
  • Tips for determining which town, area, and subdivision of Summit County is best suited for you.
  • How to know whether to buy a condo, a townhome or a single family home… or buy vacant land and build your own.
  • What you need to know about Summit County’s HOAs and HOA fees.
  • Why it’s crucial to examine an HOA’s financials and what to look for.
  • Tips for coping with a (very) low-inventory market.
  • How to know if your Summit County home or condo will cash flow.
  • Tips for reducing property management costs.
  • The potential tax advantages for you as a Summit County homeowner or second homeowner.
  • My single best tip for ensuring a smooth experience at closing.
  • Three potentially hidden costs of Summit County real estate, and how not to be taken by surprise.